Tow Zen

I left work at 3:15 to go to our Peds unit to assess a new admit as well as to deliver a few supplies… a drive that takes about 20 minutes.
1 hour and 15 minutes later, I am still not out of town, and I find myself being detoured downtown because of an accident on the main expressway out.
Oh, and there is a major downpour going on.

Inches and inches of water.

One hour later, still not out of town, because there are only 3 streets out and when the biggest one is down, the traffic is impossible….

Finally, now turning left to get on the street that leads to…
The expressway out of town.

Those who know Savannah also know that there are low spots where streets and neighborhoods turn into small ponds.

Simply put, I turned left into a pond, couldn’t change course and my poor little car drowned 20 feet later.

So I turn on my emergency blinkers, and call my boss to tell him
a. I won’t make it to the peds unit.
b. My car has drowned.

He assures me that it will dry out and in 10 minutes I can restart it.

Granted, he doesn’t realize I’m sitting in a pond, in a downpour and larger vehicles going past me are throwing sheets of water over the roof of my car.
So didn’t see dry happening anytime soon.

I call my insurance/roadside assistance and they say they will send a tow truck. They ask if I’m safe, I look around and realize I’m in Gang Banger Central.
Yippee…. So I tell them my situation and they assure me they’ll be there ASAP. They ask if I need a ride home, and I say yes, or at least to the towing place and then I can call friends.

Luckily, I have a book (Kristin Ashley, I’ve torn through 4 of her near 600 page books in 6 days) so I am happy to sit and read, only flinching when sheets of water wash over the top of my car.

One hour later, to the minute, the tow trunk arrives, in the downpour, with another car on the back. The driver jumps out, quickly attaches my car to the back of his truck and takes off down the street.

Did I mention I kept waving to get his attention, and he didn’t see me?

At this point, I’ve been in my car over 3 hours, I’m tired and a ride down the street that resembles a ride at the fair is amusing, and par for the course.

So I go back to reading and about 10 minutes later, he pulls over to adjust something on the front of my car.

The downpour is now a light rain, so I roll down my window to ask him if it’s OK for me to ride in my car…. causing him to scream bloody murder and fall on his butt in the street.
He swears he didn’t see me, is extremely apologetic and lets me ride in the front of his truck. He’s very nice, talking about how he sees his job as a service and he realizes that even working over, no matter how bad his day is, it’s never as bad as the people he’s helping.

A bit of Zen in a tow.

I finally get the towing garage and the office manager is waiting…she lives in my neighborhood and is offering me a ride home.

Another bit if nice in a very wet and frustrating day.

She’s a wonderful, fun person to talk to, and exactly 4 hours from leaving work, I arrive at home.
She assures me that in 24 hours, there is a pretty good chance that my car will crank, so to call them in the afternoon and they’ll see if it starts… and I can come get it.

I get in… call my boss to inform him that
a. The assessment won’t get done and supplies won’t be getting to the peds unit.
b. I won’t be coming into work the next day.

He laughs and says he’ll get the supplies there by someone else.

I call a friend to ask for a possible ride back out to the garage Friday and then I call the insurance company while fixing a drink.
Something in the tinkling of ice and story had the girl on the phone in tears of laughter.

Two drinks and 6 more chapters later in my book and I crawl into bed,
Thanking God for kind people, good bosses, tow trucks, good authors and alcohol.

Today I’m enjoying the gift of a quiet day at home, praying for a car that starts and debating whether to download another book or make bubble bath, and not allowing thoughts of a non-starting car to ruin my day.


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